Aurora Dress - LaceMadeAurora Dress - LaceMade

【Pre-Order】Aurora Dress

¥13,300 JPY
Van Gogh Dress - LaceMadeVan Gogh Dress - LaceMade

【Pre-Order】Van Gogh Dress

¥13,100 JPY
Esther Dress - LaceMadeEsther Dress - LaceMade

【Pre-Order】Esther Dress

¥10,500 JPY
Camellia Coco Dress - LaceMadeCamellia Coco Dress - LaceMade

Camellia Coco Dress

¥14,100 JPY
Flower Organ DressFlower Organ Dress

Flower Organ Dress

¥11,400 JPY
【Final sale】Pink Kite Dress【Final sale】Pink Kite Dress

【Final sale】Pink Kite Dress

¥12,100 JPY ¥20,900 JPY
Artemis Dress - LaceMadeArtemis Dress - LaceMade

Artemis Dress

¥13,500 JPY
Bonnie Party Corset Dress¡ꡧPre-Sale¡ê? - LaceMadeBonnie Party Corset Dress¡ꡧPre-Sale¡ê? - LaceMade

Bonnie Party Corset Dress

¥13,500 JPY ¥16,200 JPY
Princess Jenny Dress - LaceMadePrincess Jenny Dress - LaceMade

Princess Jenny Dress

¥12,800 JPY
Pink Parterre Knit DressPink Parterre Knit Dress - LaceMade

Pink Parterre Knit Dress

¥12,100 JPY
Princess Belle Dress Ⅱ - LaceMadePrincess Belle Dress Ⅱ

Princess Belle Dress Ⅱ

¥13,500 JPY
Miss Muses Dress - LaceMadeMiss Muses Dress - LaceMade

Miss Muses Dress

¥8,700 JPY
Monet Garden Dress - LaceMadeMonet Garden Dress - LaceMade

Monet Garden Dress

¥12,800 JPY
Redcurrant Dress - LaceMadeRedcurrant Dress - LaceMade

Redcurrant Dress

¥14,100 JPY
White Camellia Dress - LaceMadeWhite Camellia Dress

White Camellia Dress

¥13,500 JPY
Beverly High School Knit Dress - LaceMadeBeverly High School Knit Dress - LaceMade

Beverly High School Knit Dress

¥6,600 JPY ¥12,100 JPY
Spring Chanson Dress Ⅱ - LaceMadeSpring Chanson Dress Ⅱ - LaceMade

Spring Chanson Dress Ⅱ

¥11,400 JPY ¥16,200 JPY
Princess Elsa Dress - LaceMadePrincess Elsa Dress - LaceMade

Princess Elsa Dress (Short)

¥12,100 JPY
Miss Wheat Corset DressMiss Wheat Corset Dress - LaceMade

Miss Wheat Corset Dress

¥17,500 JPY
Bird & Flower Knitted DressBird & Flower Knitted Dress

Bird & Flower Knitted Dress

¥10,800 JPY ¥14,800 JPY
Bear Butterfly Dance DressBear Butterfly Dance Dress

Bear Butterfly Dance Dress

¥10,100 JPY
Lemongrass DressLemongrass Dress

Lemongrass Dress

¥13,500 JPY
Sweet Dream in the Garden CheongsamSweet Dream in the Garden Cheongsam

Sweet Dream in the Garden Cheongsam

¥7,900 JPY ¥12,500 JPY
Psyche Corset DressPsyche Corset Dress
Sold out

Psyche Corset Dress

¥16,200 JPY
Princess Cindy Paper Corset DressPrincess Cindy Paper Corset Dress

Princess Cindy Paper Corset Dress

¥14,100 JPY
Princess Kite Dress - LaceMadePrincess Kite Dress - LaceMade

Princess Kite Dress

¥20,700 JPY
Oriental Cheongsam Knitted CardiganOriental Cheongsam Knitted Cardigan

Oriental Cheongsam Knitted Dress

¥7,600 JPY ¥10,800 JPY
Miss Fragrans Turtleneck knitted DressMiss Fragrans Turtleneck knitted Dress

Miss Fragrans Turtleneck knitted Dress

¥11,200 JPY ¥16,200 JPY
Miss Vine Embroidered Knitted DressMiss Vine Embroidered Knitted Dress

Miss Vine Embroidered Knitted Dress

¥19,300 JPY
Miss Snow Dress - LaceMadeMiss Snow Dress - LaceMade

Miss Snow Dress

¥9,000 JPY ¥12,800 JPY
Sakura Dessert SkirtSakura Dessert Skirt

Sakura Dessert Skirt

¥7,400 JPY
Vine Diary Knitted DressVine Diary Knitted Dress

Vine Diary Knitted Dress

¥9,400 JPY ¥13,500 JPY
Mint Chocolate Dress (Mint Green)Mint Chocolate Dress (Mint Green)

Mint Chocolate Dress (Mint Green)

¥9,400 JPY
Hibiscus Babe DressHibiscus Babe Dress

Hibiscus Babe Dress

¥11,400 JPY

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