New To Princess Corsets? Getting To Know The Different Types of Corsets

Have you ever noticed those vintage-style princess corsets making a stylish comeback? These beauties are all the rage among fashion fans!

Corsets date back to the 16th century and originated in Italy; it was used as underwear, as its name suggests. Over time, they've evolved from more extended versions to the iconic hourglass shape popular during the Victorian era. We will explore the various types of corsets and highlight the tips for choosing the correct size for beginners.


Understanding The History of The Corset - A Journey Through The Ages

"Corset" is short for "corset girdle", a tight-laced, boned garment designed to slim the waist and shape the female figure. As mentioned before, the concept of the corset was introduced in France by Catherine de Medici in the 1500s and was accepted by the French court. The corset was a tight, slender corset worn underneath a dress. This style remained popular until 1890, when machine-made corsets became more fashionable and widespread after the Industrial Revolution.

Over the years, the shape of corsets changed, alternating between longer varieties that covered the hips to shorter versions. Compared to its predecessor, the corset was less constricting and had a more natural look, replacing the hourglass silhouette. Also, princess corsets were often decorated with frills, lace, and bows.


Different Types of Corsets To Choose

For corset beginners, understanding the different types of corsets is essential when choosing the right one. Here are two commonly seen types:

Underbust Corset (Esther Corset)

The underbust corset tightens the waist, but this provides support to the lower torso as well while leaving the area of the bust. Thus, the corset can be worn with different tops or dresses to make the dress look elegant. This type of princess corset looks exceptionally glamorous and is perfectly paired with a skirt with a flowing hemline to emphasize the waistline even more.


Overbust Corset (Van Gogh Corset)

The overbust corset covers the entire torso, including the bust area, providing support and shaping to the upper and lower body. This corset type is often chosen for special occasions or as a statement piece. These corsets are an excellent option for beginners if they have not worn a corset before or are looking for a lighter-weight option. This princess corset is often chosen for special occasions or as a statement piece, which can be worn on its own or paired with courtly and rustic skirts or pants for a stunning set.


More Corset Tops and Dresses

Whether you're attending a special event or want to feel extraordinary, corset tops and dresses are your ticket to a world of elegance and grace. Some other corset types include:

Princess Corset Jacket

The princess corset jacket combines the structure of a corset with the functionality of a jacket. It provides a fitted and tailored look, enhancing the body's curves while adding a touch of sophistication. This lace bustier top requires nothing to consider matching and is suitable for casual or formal occasions.


Princess Corset Dress

Made to resemble a gown, it lets women wear a cute dress and still possess the contouring attributes of an incredible corset. The princess corset dress has a fitted bodice that flows into a full skirt, resembling a standard dress. This dress is ideal for special events, weddings or any occasion you want to make a statement.




Choosing The Right Corset at LaceMade

What matters when choosing a corset made of these fabrics is the proper size to guarantee it fits the body comfortably and shapes it properly. A too-small one might be uncomfortable and restrict movement, while a baggy one will not present the effect of shaping required.

That's why Lacemade offers various corset sizes, from XS to 4XL, to accommodate different body shapes and sizes. Their commitment to providing a diverse range ensures every customer can find the perfect corset for their needs.



LaceMade is on the top list of those that offer princess corsets and corset-inspired garments. The products are made with quality craftsmanship and decades of attention to detail. We meet the varying preferences of our customers with a wide variety of corset types, which include underbust and overbust corsets, as well as corset tops and dresses.

Whether you need a white lace corset dress, fishbone corset, or lace-bustier top and what have you, LaceMade has got your style.

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